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A professional practice responsible for managing relationships between organisations and their stakeholders in order to achieve mutual understanding.

We spent decades understanding all the rules. And we’ve been breaking them ever since. Those who transform industries, the world even, often have to do things differently – even if it takes some time for others to understand.

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We typically bill based on three different models: on-going retainership, consulting fees, and time. Most clients prefer to keep us on recurring monthly retainers, but we don’t mind walk-in clients. We can tell you MORE

We really love PlaqadM and PlaqadIQ. But we also use Keyhole, Meltwater, and others. We’re now building what could be the world’s first smart global network. More on that HERE

AMEC has a really nice framework that matches objectives against input, outputs, outtakes, and outcomes. It’s never failed us.

The art of managing (yes) issues so they’re curtailed before they become crises.

By advising, and working with individuals, organisations, and governments to ensure they communicate effectively. Yes it’s that simple.

In the UK, we are regulated by the CIPR and we are also part of the PRCA.

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We’ve been known to help clients set up their own teams. We cannot overemphasize the value in having an in-house team.

Creating, maintaining, growing, and extracting maximum value from your owned assets. These could include your company website, your social media pages, channels, and content.

First, we prefer to work with you so you never get into one. But if or when it does happen, we will work with you to make sure you emerge better.

Not necessarily. But deception is bad. And the line is not thin at all.

Providing benefits for editorial coverage especially cash; as well as native advertising (includes paid blog posts, or sponsored social media posts).


Yes. All our consultants are members of the CIPR, PRCA, NIPR and other relevant bodies.

BHM was founded by Ayeni Adekunle who still owns significant interest in the company.

Coca Cola, ViacomCBS, MTN Nigeria Communications PLC, DSTV, Nigerian Breweries PLC, Reckitt Benckiser, Lagos State Government, Big Brother Nigeria, Interswitch, and Kroll.

With all the confidentiality it deserves.

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Yes, because we believe it’s important for government to get communications right. In addition, we’ve been known to support CSOs and NGOs, and numerous social interventions.

No. But we have some of the best partners in the world. Write us and we’ll gladly do an intro.

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As the barriers between organisations and their stakeholders continue to come down, we believe public relations must be local, conversational, and communal. We’re in the age of networking and influence, and the public in public relations needs to give way to social.

A definition some people have chosen to give to a growing skill area in PR. We believe this should not be a separate area as understanding prevailing digital techniques and applying them to the benefit of clients and principals is a key determinant of what makes a good professional.

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November 22nd every year. Everyone is invited to join the conversation.

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We are members of the Public Relations Society of America, but we do not yet have an office there.

By measuring the outcomes against set objectives. You can read more HERE

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The CIPR, PRCA, and PRSA have some really good courses. Good place to start. If you’re looking for, say, a University, you will also be able to get good advice when you become a member.

Hmmm 1.3 billion people? One of fastest growing populations in the world? Over 70% youth population? Africa is the future, and the continent holds strong opportunities for the UK in particular, and Europe in general.