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ID Africa At 7: An Unusual Success Story

  While reflecting on ID Africa’s 7th anniversary, I wondered if the company could already be considered as a successful one, and by what metrics should success be measured?    Longevity? After how many years can we officially declare success? Revenue? Profitability? Just how much is enough? Awards and recognition? How prestigious and how many […]

Preaching the Gospel of Africa: Opportunities for Global Communication Professionals. By Femi Falodun.

On October 17, 2021, I joined the world’s leading PR and communications experts from over 30 countries to attend the ICCO Global Summit in London. The experience was made even more special because BHM, ID Africa’s sister company, was participating as Africa’s first platinum sponsor of the event, and I was also going to be […]

How Contemporary African Pop Culture Can Drive Global Youth Marketing. By Femi Falodun.

Africa used to be mostly recognized by its wildlife and images of elephants, lions and giraffes grazing in the East African safari. Today, the most powerful representation of Africa on the global stage is its creative artforms––fashion, entertainment, sports and the sheer force of its people’s creative energy. More specifically, African music has (re)penetrated global […]

How Collaboration Between African Tech And Comms. Companies Will Help Solve Communications Challenges – Femi Falodun

Femi Falodun, the CEO of ID Africa, has said to truly solve the challenges that impact the African communications industry, indigenous tech companies and communication agencies will need to collaborate to develop homegrown solutions. Across Africa, individuals and organisations are adopting technological solutions into virtually all aspects of life to solve business, health, education, and […]