A year after its first international expansion via London and Edinburgh, BlackHouse Media, the Nigerian Public Relations and Communications Consultancy says it has now finalised plans to kick off operations in two more countries – in Africa.


Ghana, in West Africa, and Kenya in East Africa will welcome BHM’s continental imprint, ID Africa’s first out-of-Nigeria operations even though the company has executed campaigns and partnered clients in both markets previously. 


CEO Ayeni Adekunle says: ‘‘We’ve enjoyed exploring the continent, working locally or in partnership with advisers; and we believe the time is now right to settle down and establish our operations in some of the markets we consider critical to our industry, our clients, and partners. Ghana will add to our West Africa capability, in addition to Nigeria while we will navigate East Africa through Kenya. We are grateful for the support we have received thus far and look forward to deepening our knowledge and the work we do’’.


Kenya is home to 55 million people and one of the continent’s most youthful countries, famous for its tourist attractions, rich biodiversity and a booming technology industry.


Ghana on the other hand, is a cultural hub for the sub-continent, driving opportunities in culture, tourism, manufacturing and export.


According to the World Bank, Africa’s diverse offering of human and natural resources has the potential to become the world’s largest free trade area with a 1.2 billion-person market. Half of the continent’s population is estimated to be under 25 years old by 2050.


“We believe the world deserves to understand Africa better; and there’s more than enough evidence to show that the continent is more than just another poor, volatile region. We have the largest youth population in the world, are home to the most remarkable music and film industries, and are powering the future of technology. Africa presents a lot of hope and opportunity and ID Africa wants to help everyone see that picture,” says Femi Falodun, ID Africa CEO.