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Influence Will Always Remain A Powerful Tool, But That Does Not Mean It Is Reserved To The Ultra-Famous And Absurdly Rich. By Matthew Gower.

  It can be hard to imagine how we can use our influence sometimes. We think influence rests solely in the hands of politicians, business leaders, award-winning artists, athletes, or, well in our social media focussed world, influencers. The influential weren’t always so influential though. Take Marcus Rashford, a man who comes from a working-class […]

Second Global Day of Influence Holds Today

Following last year’s inaugural celebration, the Global Day of Influence (GDI) – a day earmarked to celebrate the phenomenon of influence and to interrogate its importance and impact across diverse polities, is being held yet again on November 22, 2021.   Founded by international public relations consultancy, BlackHouse Media (BHM), The Global Day of Influence […]