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ICCO Global Summit 2021: Panel Session On Skills For The Future Featuring Enitan Kehinde

Moderator: Nick Band, Founder, Berlin PR Speakers: Maxim Behar, CEO, M3 Communications Group; Barbara Phillips, Director, Brownstone Communications; Owen Cullen, Managing Director, Cullen Communications; Enitan Kehinde, General Manager, BHM UK. Nick Well, this panel today is going to be discussing one of the burning issues of our generation really, is how to retain and it’s […]

Preaching the Gospel of Africa: Opportunities for Global Communication Professionals. By Femi Falodun.

On October 17, 2021, I joined the world’s leading PR and communications experts from over 30 countries to attend the ICCO Global Summit in London. The experience was made even more special because BHM, ID Africa’s sister company, was participating as Africa’s first platinum sponsor of the event, and I was also going to be […]

Talent Retention In PR: Building Superstars To Grow The Ecosystem. By Enitan Kehinde.

  What do public relations agencies have in common besides the effects of COVID-19? High employee turnover. While the world is dealing with Coronavirus, the ICCO World PR Report 2020 showed that the global PR industry is also dealing with a pandemic of its own – loss and scarcity of skilled talent. Based on the […]

ICCO Global Summit 2021 Panel Session On Accelerating The Pace of Change Featuring Moliehi Molekoa

Speakers: Sue Hardwick, Co-Founder, Global Women in PR; Melissa Arulappan, Head of Corporate Communications, IQVIA; Anna Gefert, Managing Director, HERA Communication Strategies; Heather Kernahan, CEO, Hotwire   Angela In this new hybrid working environment, what can we do to accelerate the pace of change? So, we’re doing a hybrid event of course here. So, hybrid […]

ICCO Global Summit 2021 Panel Session On Balancing free speech, dangerous speech, free media, and misinformation Featuring Ayeni Adekunle

Moderator: Jodie Ginsberg, CEO, Internews Speakers: Patrick Penninckx, Head of Information Society, Council of Europe; Elena Fadeeva, CEO and Founder, FleishmanHillard Vanguard; Sally Lehrman, Founder, The Trust Project Jodie Thank you, and welcome to this session on free speech, dangerous speech, free media, and misinformation in which our panelists will attempt to solve in 45 […]

How Contemporary African Pop Culture Can Drive Global Youth Marketing. By Femi Falodun.

Africa used to be mostly recognized by its wildlife and images of elephants, lions and giraffes grazing in the East African safari. Today, the most powerful representation of Africa on the global stage is its creative artforms––fashion, entertainment, sports and the sheer force of its people’s creative energy. More specifically, African music has (re)penetrated global […]

ICCO Global Summit 2021: Lord Karan Bilimoria’s Keynote Session

Thank you very much [for the introduction]. It is great to be with all of you. Embracing the future is what we are talking about.  I’ve rushed over here from a meeting with the Greek prime minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, and I must say without exaggeration I have been privileged to have met many world leaders […]

ICCO Global Summit 2021: Panel Session On Africa Challenges and Opportunities Featuring Femi Falodun

Speakers: Femi Falodun, CEO, ID Africa; Jessica Hope, Founder and CEO, Wimbart Moderator Okay, welcome back everyone for their final stretch of sessions for this afternoon. And next we have Africa challenges and opportunities. So welcome to the stage, Femi Falodun, CEO of ID Africa, and Jessica Hope, co-founder and CEO of Wimbart Femi Alright, […]

BHM’s Enitan Kehinde Says Global PR Industry Growth Will Be Accelerated By Talent Development

Enitan Kehinde, the General Manager of BlackHouse Media (BHM), UK, has said it is not enough for Public Relations companies to be concerned about building their businesses; it is important to invest in talent development which will, in turn, continue to grow the industry. Enitan spoke on a panel that discussed the ‘Skills for The […]

How Collaboration Between African Tech And Comms. Companies Will Help Solve Communications Challenges – Femi Falodun

Femi Falodun, the CEO of ID Africa, has said to truly solve the challenges that impact the African communications industry, indigenous tech companies and communication agencies will need to collaborate to develop homegrown solutions. Across Africa, individuals and organisations are adopting technological solutions into virtually all aspects of life to solve business, health, education, and […]