It’s fair to say that I knew nothing about the PR and communications industry before I started working for BHM UK.


I was hoping to gain work experience before committing to studying marketing at university as I am a sixth-form student. Since both marketing and public relations used social media to communicate their message, I felt that the two would be fairly comparable. But I was so wrong.


Although I’ve never been particularly interested in public relations, I’ve always been curious about how billboards, newsletters, and campaigns are developed and come to be.


Having just started at BHM UK, I experienced a range of feelings. I was nervous, thrilled, and most of all, eager to learn. The fact that BHM UK is made up of a very small team, which I found to be extremely soothing, made me very lucky to start there. The team was really welcoming, and the work environment is very refreshing due to the lack of formality.


Attending the X3M Ideas X-Party was a memorable experience for me. It was a terrific experience and a lot of fun. I was assigned the duty of supervising the photographer and making sure he took all the required photographs. Although it was very fun, it was also a bit overwhelming but luckily for me, Teni, a team member, was there to talk me through it. 


Although I am a somewhat new member of BHM UK, I have learned quite a lot and I would like to share some lessons with you.


Curiosity doesn’t kill the cat. Hazlett likes to say “curiosity doesn’t kill the cat” when working in PR. And he is right. You have to be curious by nature, you have to want to know things beyond your job description and you have to understand why things happen therefore asking questions is a must.


PR is not a solo game. You have to be a team player. No one can go too far without the help of their team. I know for a fact that there is no way I would have been able to complete this past month at BHM UK if it wasn’t for the help of the team.


Time management can literally save you. Although I was late to the game, time management helped me through my last few weeks. Time management helped me to structure my ideas and prioritize tasks.


Find a balance. I think that PR is a demanding profession. At the end of the day, you can find yourself mentally exhausted. It’s important to take time for yourself, disconnect and do what makes you happy in your free time. When you give your brain a pause from work, you will find solutions to problems you couldn’t figure out before.


My time with BHM UK was short but dynamic. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge, and I sincerely value the experience BHM UK has provided me.