BHM has announced the appointment of two respected public relations and communications executives to its UK board.


Stephen Waddington a former Ketchum exec who’s now CEO at Wadds Inc. will serve as non-executive director and external adviser. Waddington has over 25 years experience working across Europe and the Middle East. He’s a former president of the CIPR.


Moliehi Molekoa, the managing director of Magna Carta in South Africa will also serve as non-executive director and external adviser. Molekoa has advised Africa’s leading brands across diverse sectors and markets for over two decades.


“I’m inspired, and excited by the opportunity to help BlackHouse Media through this phase of setting up, commencement and establishment. They’ve done so well in Nigeria and I have no doubt they’ll bring tremendous value to the PR industry, and to clients across the UK”, says Moliehi.


Waddington says: “This is such an important new chapter not just for BHM Qomms, but for the PR industry here in the UK. I look forward to continuing supporting Ayeni and his team”.