As the world continues to evolve digitally, it’s no surprise that the pandemic has fast-tracked some new technology systems.


Although the “Work From Home” system should probably have been universally accepted as a result of technological advancement, it’s surprising how the COVID-19 pandemic forced people to stay safe by staying at home without a halt in work operations and productivity. The fear of contracting the virus pushed many employers to mandate their staff to stay at home and work at the same time. According to a survey report by McKinsey & Company, the pandemic led to a “quantum leap” in digital adoption. Many companies rushed to acquire digital products like video conferencing tools, teams chat, cloud software, etc to ensure that the level of productivity obtained as a home-bound employee is similar to or higher than it was at the office.


Even in the midst of the global crisis, I had friends and colleagues complaining and wishing things could go back to the way they used to be. They made complaints around lack of a good working environment, decreased motivation, missing the fun experiences at the office, burnouts,  etc. 


The funny aspect is that most of us would not have discovered that there was more to Google Suite and Microsoft Office other than just sending emails. Neither would we have thought of exploring simple features of the video conferencing apps like knowing how to mute or unmute yourself and even becoming comfortable using the camera without some sort of Snapchat filter. 


In a way, most people can boast of being techy and productive even while in transit thanks to the pandemic. The vaccine was created and some were excited to go back to the office while some were comfortable with working from home and didn’t wish to go back to the office- Like me.


Personally, adjusting to this new pattern was not a problem for me and it is a working system that I would wish for over and over again. Life shouldn’t be so hard right?


My work experience from the start has always been spontaneous, the reason is that my first job was at a software company where we literally could work from anywhere. Until the Covid-19 outbreak, WFH took the corporate limelight. 


Taking up my new job at BHM made it as cool as it can be.


There are many benefits attached to working from home. In my experience as a PR intern at BHM UK, I literally might have felt the weight even more if I were to be working onsite. There would be so many issues ranging from punctuality to getting work done. On the contrary, there is a level of confidence that comes with being responsible for a task and being motivated to do something right even when no one is watching or policing you around. 


In the literal sense, that is the order at BHM UK. you become more accountable, responsible, and self-motivated. If in your comfort zone you can get the job done, then you can stand the test of discipline. WFH at BHM UK keeps me more organized and disciplined. Like waking up early enough to do the personal things that I have to do before getting buried in the tasks for the day. Taking things step-by-step while working from home is a lot easier than at the office. There is a tendency for higher productivity and getting the job done quicker.


Some work structures like appraisals, KPIs, and reports have not changed. They always have been and they might never cease to exist in the world of a corporate person. The difference is that I am not under any organizational pressure but I have freedom from any location. Only that I have to ensure that I do not miss my deadlines and I meet my target, hence productivity.


I can bet that by the time I have completed my internship, heavy lifting would be lightweight and multitasking would be top of my skills. A fully maximized potential would definitely be attained and in less than 5 years, I should be confident and successful in PR expertise.


Pointing out the fact that one can get too comfortable working from home because there could be so many domestic distractions and maybe attractions, I had to choose my mode of staying motivated.


Listening to PR conversations on youtube, podcasts, and audiobooks while working keeps me motivated. Most times I record my meetings, I get to listen to them while I do some tasks that do not totally require me to put my whole concentration to work. Thus, reignites my drive to be successful in PR.


Finally, Work From Home can be successful when an individual puts in work and applies discipline. Being self-motivated will help you better strike a balance between work and personal life. One should also avoid being overwhelmed by work and figure out what strengthens one’s mind to stay focused and happy at the same time.