BlackHouse Media Group (BHMG) has been awarded a Certificate of Excellence for its Global Day of Influence (GDI) project by SABRE Awards Africa. The Awards serve as a platform to honour superior achievement in branding, reputation, and engagement across Africa.


Global Day of Influence (GDI) was launched by BHMG in 2020, to raise awareness about the power of influence in today’s world. Recognised every year on the 22nd of November, the date honours the birth of one of the greatest legends in communications, Edward Bernays. 


The maiden edition of GDI was held in 2020 and aimed to “discuss, interrogate and celebrate the concept, principles, and impact of influence in today’s world”, Founder, Ayeni Adekunle says, “Over 7,000 people spent five hours talking about influence, leadership, fake news, and propaganda,” he adds. 


According to Ayeni, the second edition reached millions of people from around the world in 2021 and delved into the “non-discriminatory nature of influence and the utilization of influence in an ethical and truthful manner”.


On the recognition, Ayeni says, “It is with great pleasure that we receive this recognition for GDI. This serves as a motivation to keep up the good work in educating the world about the merits of influence.”


The award presentation will take place on May 25 at a ceremony in Tanzania as part of the 2022 African Public Relations Conference.